At C & C Medical Associates Pediatric & Adolescent Clinic, your child’s health is our number one priority! Our clinics do take Walk-in visits for your convenience. However, you may experience longer waiting time for walk-in. We offer same day appointments for those patient who need urgent care visits. To schedule an appointment, please call one of our offices at your location.

  • General: 425-298-6679
  • Scheduling: 206-395-6049, 425-243-2293
  • Federal Way Clinic: 253-878-5193
  • Bellevue Clinc: 425-209-4331


We recommend you schedule your child’s well visit appointment in advance to ensure they stay on schedule. We also recommend that you verify routine benefits and/or Well Child benefits with your insurance company to understand the limitations they may have. Many have dollar limitations per year and some only allow a routine visit once per 12 months period after 2 years old.


Our office telephone lines are available during our regular hours for your convenience for appointments or general questions. Please call as early as possible to ensure a same day appointment for your child. In most cases, your appointment will be scheduled with the first available appointment with your regular provider. Our on-call provider is available 24/7 for your medical questions and needs after hours.

We offer Walk-In clinic visit for those patients without previously scheduled appointments. Your health is our #1 priority. We will accommodate your visit as early as possible. Please let our front desk know if you have been waiting over an hour.


  • Consultations
  • Sports Physicals
  • Foster Child Exams
  • Adolescent medicine
  • Mental Health Evaluations
  • Parent Conference
  • ADD/ADHD Exam & Rechecks
  • Immigration Physicals
  • Pre-natal counseling
  • Newborn follow-up
  • All other needs for pediatric medicine

Expectant Mothers and Newborns


We invite you to visit our office to meet the providers and staff, tour our facility and ask any questions you may have. Please call our office at 425-243-2293 for detail


We are always excited to see newborns in our practice! When you deliver at St. Francis Hospital, please let the attending nurse know that Pediatric Clinic, C & C Medical Associates, will be your pediatrician.

    • The provider on call will examine your baby before he/she is discharged from the hospital. The provider will also stop by your room to introduce themselves and let you know how the visit went with your newborn.
    • If you deliver at a hospital we are not affiliated with, let the physician on call know that you will be followed by our office once the baby is discharged from the hospital.
    • Contact our office upon discharge to schedule your baby’s 1st appointment.

Adding Newborns to Washington Apple Health (Medicaid) Click Here


Your baby’s first appointment will be within the first week



Notify your Insurance or Human Resources Department once your baby is born. You must request your newborn be added to your insurance policy. Initial coverage under the insured parent is only good for the first 30~90 days after the baby’s birth. Please verify this with your insurance company and/or your Human Resources Department.

If you have State Medicaid, you will need to notify your Medicaid carrier as soon as possible.


Comprehensive Physical Exam (Well Child Checkup): This is a preventative health
examination for a well child or adolescent. If there are other major concerns and/or acute illnesses at the time of the visit, please let the staff know prior to the appointment to allow more time or to schedule the concerns or even the routine exam for another day.
3 YEAR AND ABOVE (recommended on a yearly basis)
*** Vision & Hearing Screening starts at 3 years old.
*** Some visits include blood test & urine screens.

Prescriptions and Refills


In general, we do not prescribe new medication or make medication changes over the telephone. If you feel that a new prescription is needed for your child, we request that you call our office to make an appointment for your child to be evaluated and treated by one of our providers.


We are happy to submit a prescription refill to your pharmacy if they are needed for ongoing treatment at a time when a follow-up office visit is not necessary. For ongoing refills we encourage you to call your pharmacy first to request the refills. They will contact our office by fax or telephone if you are out of refills. We require 24-48 hours notification prior to a refill because the prescribing providers are not always available on the day of the request. We do our best to respond to each request in a timely manner.


Most of the medications prescribed to treat ADD, ADHD, and some other conditions are classified as controlled substances. These prescriptions must be presented to the pharmacy in the original form. These prescriptions cannot be called in to a pharmacy. It is state law that each month you must call for a new prescription to be written. You will be required to come into our office to sign for the prescription. We request you call 5-7 days in advance in order to allow your regular physician to monitor your child’s care. Your child must be evaluated on a regular basis.

Immigration Physical — Your Green Card Medical Examination

Common Questions & Answers — A Quickview for Your Immigration Visit

Cost: For immigration physical, we charge $650 per person. No additional fee for I693 required intial lab studies. Patient is responsible for further US CIS required labs if indicated. We provide free immunization for patients age younger than 19 years old. Adult patients may use your local pharmacy travel clinic for the required immunization.

What to expect: To complete the immigration physical, you will need two appointments at minimal 1 week. We require you to complete the i693 form no longer than 30 days.

When you come in for the appointment, your are required to bring in your goverment issued photo ID. Please bring any vaccination and significant medical records you have for the USCIS Doctor to review.

At your first appointment, the USCIS doctor will go over the requirements with you, review your vaccination records and let you know what you need to do to complete the form properly. Your USCIS doctor will perform a complete physical evaluation, and order the lab tests and give you the instruction.

At your second appointment, once you have received your lab results and the vaccinations, your doctor will review the completed form with you. Before you leave the office, you will have a sealed envelope with all required information and the signature and a copy of the signed I693 for your own record.

Other:If you need additonal copies, please make the request at your second visit. We will be happy to assist. We charge $10 per additional copy (not in a sealed envelope); and $75 per additional orginally signed i693 form in a sealed envelope.

I693 form and Instruction Below you will find USCIS immigration instruction and the I-693 form that we use in our clinic.