Immigration Physical — Your Green Card Medical Examination

Common Questions & Answers — A Quickview for Your Immigration Visit

Cost: For immigration physical, we charge $650 per person. No additional fee for I693 required initial lab studies. Patient is responsible for any additional required labs if indicated. We provide free immunization to all patients age younger than 19 years old. We do offer free adult immunization based on inventory availability. Adult patients can also use your local pharmacy travel clinic for the required immunization. If you do not have medical insurance, you may search here for free adult vaccines clinic/pharmacy.

What to expect: To complete the immigration physical, you will need two appointments at minimal 1 week. We require you to complete the i693 form no longer than 30 days.

When you come in for the appointment, your are required to bring in your goverment issued photo ID. Please bring any vaccination and significant medical records you have for the USCIS Doctor to review.

At your first appointment, the USCIS doctor will go over the requirements with you, review your vaccination records and let you know what you need to do to complete the form properly. Your USCIS doctor will perform a complete physical evaluation, and order the lab tests and give you the instruction.

At your second appointment, once you have received your lab results and the vaccinations, your doctor will review the completed form with you. Before you leave the office, you will have a sealed envelope with all required information and the signature and a copy of the signed I693 for your own record.

Other:If you need additonal copies, please make the request at your second visit. We will be happy to assist. We charge $10 per additional copy (not in a sealed envelope); and $75 per additional orginally signed i693 form in a sealed envelope.

I693 form and Instruction Below you will find USCIS immigration instruction and the I-693 form that we use in our clinic.